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Sylvia Hahn

A Christmas Tree from Puddin' Stone Hill (Illustrator)
Shadow Cat: poems & wood engravings (Author, Artist)

Debra Hanson

One of the Many Stories about the King (Illustrator)

Buzz Hargrove

Strike! 99 Days on the Line: The Workers' Own Story of the 1945 Windsor Ford Strike (Foreword)

Terrance Heath

Source/Derivations: Allan Harding MacKay (Essay)

Engelbert Heller

In the Guise of Bane: To The Limits of Human Existence (Author)

Wade Hemsworth

The Songs of Wade Hemsworth (Composer)
Songs of Wade Hemsworth, The (CD Recording) (Composer, Artist)

Tom Henighan

Coming of Age in Arabia: A Memoir of Aden before the Terror (Author)

Karen Herbert

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Essay)

Georg Hiernoymi

In the Guise of Bane: To The Limits of Human Existence (Artist)

Cynthia Hill-Buchar

Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Illustrator)

Brian Hodgkinson

Spitfire Down: The POW Story (Author)

Janis Hoogstraten

Said the River (Illustrator)

Marc Houde

Big Little Dog (Illustrator)

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