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A. Y. Jackson

The Arctic 1927: A.Y. Jackson (Author, Artist)
One Summer In Quebec: A.Y. Jackson in 1925: A Family View (Featured)
Two Jacksons Abroad: 1936 (Artist, Featured)

Janet Craig James

Jeremy Gates and the Magic Key (Author)
My Name is Louis (Author)
You Don't Mess With Mozart (Author)

C.W. Jeffreys

Iroquois Fires: The Six Nations Lyrics and Lore of Dawendine (Illustrator)

Darcy Jenish

La Voie Maritime du Saint-Laurent: Cinquante ans et l'avenir à nos portes (Author)
The St. Lawrence Seaway: Fifty Years and Counting (Author)

Mattías Johannessen

The Naked Machine: Selected Poems (Author)

George Johnston

Ask Again (Author)
Bee Seasons (Author, Illustrator)
Bee-Buzz, Salmon Leap (Translator)
Carl: Portrait of a Painter from Letters & Reminiscences (Author)
The Old Enchanter: A Portrait of George Johnston (Featured)
Pastor Bodvar's Letter (Translator)
Seeing and Remembering: Strophes (Translator)
Wind Over Romsdal: Poems (Translator)

Gordon Johnston

Inscription Rock (Author)

Jacobine Jones

Put On Her Mettle: The Life and Art of Jacobine Jones (Artist, Featured)

Jane Jordan

A Signature of Leaves (Author)

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