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Douglas Kakekagumic

Legends from the Forest (Artist)

McGarrigle Kate

Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Songs and Stories ()

T.A. Keenleyside

At The Table: Nourishing Conversation & Food (Author)
Missing the Bus, Making the Connection: Tales and Tastes of Travel (Author)
Roaming the Big Land: FLAVOURS OF CANADA (Author)

Margaret Keith

Patrick and the Actors (Author)

Gerard W. Kellen

In the Guise of Bane: To The Limits of Human Existence (Translator)

M. T. Kelly

Arctic Argonauts (Editor)
Country You Can't Walk In (Author)


Kenojuak: The Life Story of an Inuit Artist (Artist, Featured)

Walter Andrew Kenyon

Arctic Argonauts (Author)

Jocelyne Kidston

Rhubarb for Good Measure (Author)

Derek King

RRSP & Mutual Fund Basics: 4th Edition (Author)

Karen Kitagawa

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Essay)

Paul Kitchen

Win, Tie, or Wrangle: The Inside Story of the Old Ottawa Senators (Author)

Elizabeth Kouhi

Growing Masks (Author)
Naming (Author)
North Country Spring: A book of verse for children (Author)
Round Trip Home (Author)

Vadim Koukouchkine

Mikhail Klochko: Soviet Scientist, Cold-War Defector, Canadian Storyteller (Editor)

Tim Krywulak

Fuelling Progress: One Hundred Years of the Canadian Gas Association ()

Yana Kuzmin

The Peasant Kingdom: Canada in the 19th-Century Russian Imagination (Translator)

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