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M.W. Labarge

Captured in Stone: Carving Canada's Past (Introduction)

Barbara Lambert

Captured in Stone: Carving Canada's Past (Author)

Dane Lanken

Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Songs and Stories (Author)
Montreal Movie Palaces: Great Theatres of the Golden Era 1884 - 1938 (Author)

David Latham

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Editor, Essay)

Anthony LeBaron

Chamber Music (Author, Artist)

Alan Lee

The Animals Within (Illustrator)

John B. Lee

All the Cats are Gone (Author)
The Hockey Player Sonnets: Overtime Edition (Author)

Linda Leon

Barnaby Bear (Illustrator)
The Cedar Glen Secret (Illustrator)

Margaret Leon

Barnaby Bear (Author)

Jackie Lewis

How I Got My Dogsled (Author)
The Puff Adder Who Was Stuck (Author)

Heidi Liehu

Long, Long Goodbyes (Author)

Rakel Liehu

cubisms (Author)

Jane Lind

Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children: A Teacher's Guide (Editor)

Karen Lindquist

It All Begins With Tenderness (Illustrator)

Mary Lingman

Sammy Goes to Residential School (Author)

Thomas Linklater

Legends from the Forest (Storyteller)

Andrew Little

Before Whispers Become Silence (Author)
On the Road Again ... Again (Author)

Guy Lizotte

Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Poems)

William D. Loft

Iroquois Fires: The Six Nations Lyrics and Lore of Dawendine (Illustrator)

Natalie Luckyj

Put On Her Mettle: The Life and Art of Jacobine Jones (Author)
Raven Papers: Remembering Natalie Luckyj: 1945-2002 (Featured)

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