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Arthur Henshaw Packer

Artist Among the Wolves: The Life of Arthur Henshaw Packer (Artist, Featured)

Seija Paddon

cubisms (Translator)
Gathering Fragments (Translator)
Not You, Not the Rain (Translator)
The Sound of Strength (Translator)

Lisa Panayotidis

Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (Essay)

Blair Paul

On The Edge of Discovery: Contemporary Paintings in a Personal Context ()

Landon Pearson

Letters from Moscow (Author)

J.O. (Judi) Pennanen

Gaga (Illustrator)
Heads or Tails (Author, Illustrator)
Little Stitch (Illustrator)
My Name is Louis (Cover Art)
North Country Spring: A book of verse for children (Illustrator)
The Princess Who Laughed in Colours (Illustrator)
Riding High (Illustrator)
The Secret Code of DNA (Illustrator)
The Touch of Something Wild (Illustrator)

Nungaq Pirjuaq

The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska (Oral Essay)

Glenn Priestley

Patrick and the Actors (Illustrator)

David Pugh

Translating Genesis (Illustrator)

Al Purdy

By Green Mountain (Introduction)

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