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Edward Rae

Legends from the Forest (Storyteller)

Carl Ray

Sacred Legends (Storyteller, Artist)

Mary Razzell

The Secret Code of DNA (Author)

Nathanael Reed

Goodbyes Along The way: The People and Stories of Mattagami First Nation (Author)

Uta Regoli

Letters on Birchbark (Author)

Justice J.E. (Ted) Richard

The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska (Letter)

Dawn Richardson

Smoke (Author)

Ewald Richter

Captured in Stone: Carving Canada's Past (Photographer)

June Ridley

Artist Among the Wolves: The Life of Arthur Henshaw Packer (Author)

Luc Robert

Greenmantle: An Ojibway Legend of the North (Illustrator)
Nanna Bijou: The Sleeping Giant (Illustrator)

Glenna Roberts

One-Way Ticket: The Soviet Return-to-the-Homeland Campaign, 1955-1960 ()

Naomi Ziman Roberts

First Foreign Posting: Moscow, 1957-1959: Letters to the Family (Author)

Peter M. Roberts

First Foreign Posting: Moscow, 1957-1959: Letters to the Family (Author)

Michael Robinson

Anytime Stories (Illustrator)

Ken Rockburn

Rockburn: The CPAC Interviews (Author)

Imrich Rosenberg

A Jew In Deed (Author)

Truda Rosenberg

Unmasked (Author)

Jens Rosing

The Sky Hangs Low (Author, Artist)
The Unicorn of the Arctic Sea: The Narwhal And Its Habitat (Author, Artist)

Susan Ross

Sammy Goes to Residential School (Illustrator)

Margriet Ruurs

Big Little Dog (Author)
Me & Martha Black (Author)

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