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Pentti Saaritsa

Gathering Fragments (Author)

Marina Sabanadze

The Peasant Kingdom: Canada in the 19th-Century Russian Imagination (Translator)

John W. Sabean

The Barbados Journal, 1932: J.E.H. MacDonald (Editor, Introduction)
A Boy All Spirit: Thoreau MacDonald in the 1920s (Editor)

Noah Sainnawap

Legends from the Forest (Artist)

Leo Sawicki

Anytime Stories (Author)
Anywhere Stories (Author)

Carl Schaefer

Carl: Portrait of a Painter from Letters & Reminiscences (Artist, Featured)
Eighteen Hanover Drawings: 1924-1930 (Artist)
Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 5. Still Life and Propaganda, 3 May 1939 (Artist)
Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 4. Christmas Window at Norwich, December 1940 (Artist)
Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 3. Still Life with Blue Spectacles, Version II, 17 September 1954 (Artist)
Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 2. The Voelzing Farm, Hanover, Township of Bentinck, Grey County, 28 July 1937 (Artist)
Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 1. View of Hanover, July 1937 (Artist)
The Northern Imagination: A Study of Northern Canadian Literature (Illustrator)
Schaefer Cards (Artist)
Thoreau MacDonald's Notebooks (Correspondent)
Twelve Farm Drawings: 1927-1932: Carl Schaefer (Artist)
Twelve Northern Drawings: 1926-1933: Carl Schaefer (Artist)

Thomas Schultze

Frances Anne Hopkins: Images from Canada (Author)

Peter Schwarz

All the Cats are Gone (Cover Art)
Dying I Was Born (Artist)
It All Begins With Tenderness (Cover Art)
Marigolds in Snow (Cover Art)
Words For My Weeping Daughter (Illustrator)

Duncan Campbell Scott

The Land They Occupied (Featured)
Untitled Novel, ca. 1905 (Author)

Ian D. Scott

The Carving of Canada: A Tale of Parliamentary Gothic (Photographer)

Munroe Scott

Always an Updraft: A Writer Remembers (Author)
The Carving of Canada: A Tale of Parliamentary Gothic (Author)
The Liberators (Author)

Ólafur Jóhann Sigurðsson

Pastor Bodvar's Letter (Author)

Ronald Silvers

Accents: To Write This Child (General Editor)

Joan Skelton

The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Author)

Carolyn Smart

At the End of the Day: A Memoir (Author)

B.J. Smith

Rises a Moral Man (Author)

Donald B. Smith

Iroquois Fires: The Six Nations Lyrics and Lore of Dawendine (Introduction)

Jori Smith

Charlevoix County, 1930 (Author, Artist)

June Bittinger Smith

Reflections of French River (Author)

Charlie Snowshoe

The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska (Essay)

Jill Solnicki

The Fabric of Skin (Author)
This Mortal Coil (Author)

Robert Stacey

Arctic Argonauts (Editor)
Iroquois Fires: The Six Nations Lyrics and Lore of Dawendine (Introduction)
J.E.H. MacDonald, Designer: An Anthology of Graphic Design, Illustration and Lettering (Author)
Massanoga: The Art of Bon Echo (Author)
North by South: The Art of Peleg Franklin Brownwell (1857-1946) (Author)
People In Struggle: The Life and Art of Bill Stapleton (Editor)
Scarlet Hunters: Pre-Raphaelitism in Canada (General Editor, Essay)
Source/Derivations: Allan Harding MacKay (Author)

Sara Lee Stadelman

Walk-Ons & Bit-Parts (Author, Artist)

Ken Stange

Advice to Travellers (Author)
Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal (Essay)
Nocturnal Rhythms (Author)
A Smoother Pebble, A Prettier Shell: Art & Facts from a Computerised Expedition into the Surreal Land of Science (Author, Artist)

Bill Stapleton

People In Struggle: The Life and Art of Bill Stapleton (Author, Featured)

James R. Stevens

Killing the Shamen (Author)
Legends from the Forest (Editor)
Sacred Legends (Author)

Marie Stewart

The Lonely Seagull (Illustrator)
The Story of Pears (Illustrator)

Ellen Symons

Economies of Gratitude (Author)

Annie Szamosi

William Thomas: Architect 1799-1860 (Author)

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