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Jan Bourdeau Waboose

Where Only the Elders Go (Author)

Marianne Wahl

A World of Dragons (Illustrator)

Ansgar Walk

Kenojuak: The Life Story of an Inuit Artist (Author, Photographer)

G. Mark Walsh

The Border Police: One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Policing in Windsor (Researcher)
Strike! 99 Days on the Line: The Workers' Own Story of the 1945 Windsor Ford Strike (Author)

W. W. (Bill) Walton

Charlie Shapwaykeesic (Author)

Bill Webb

Where Cold Winds Blow: 33 Years in the Arctic (Author)

Jonathan Welsh

Letter to the West Wind (Author)

George Whipple

The Colour of Memory (Author)
The Language Tree in Winter: New and Collected Poems (Book Three) (Author)
The Peaceable Kingdom (Author)
Tom Thomson And Other Poems (Author)

Claus Wittmaack

Accents: To Write This Child (Author)

Suzanne Wood

Foxy and the Missing Mask (Cover Art)

Gurli Woods

The Old Enchanter: A Portrait of George Johnston (Editor)

John Woodsworth

Russian Roots and Canadian Wings: Russian Archival Documents on the Doukhobor Emigration (Translator, Researcher)

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