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Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

A Printmaker's Memoir

Eighteen Hanover Drawings: 1924-1930

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 1. View of Hanover, July 1937

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 2. The Voelzing Farm, Hanover, Township of Bentinck, Grey County, 28 July 1937

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 3. Still Life with Blue Spectacles, Version II, 17 September 1954

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 4. Christmas Window at Norwich, December 1940

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 5. Still Life and Propaganda, 3 May 1939

On The Edge of Discovery: Contemporary Paintings in a Personal Context

Always an Updraft: A Writer Remembers

Frances Anne Hopkins: Images from Canada

Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Songs and Stories

Katherine Hughes: A Life and a Journey: From "Canadian Imperialist" to Irish Republican Activist; From Emerald, Prince Edward Island, to Ireland

McGarrigles: Kate & Anna: Songs & Stories

Raven Papers: Remembering Natalie Luckyj: 1945-2002

Roaming the Big Land: FLAVOURS OF CANADA

Seeking Solitude: Glenn Gould and the Goldberg Variations

The Master's Wife: The Book and the Place: Essays on Sir Andrew Macphail's "Masterpiece"

A Theatre Near You: 150 Years of Going to the Show in Ottawa-Gatineau

Win, Tie, or Wrangle: The Inside Story of the Old Ottawa Senators

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