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Penumbra Press Wonders & Wares: Guides & How-To Books, Broadsheets & Posters, Chapbooks & Monographs, Cards & Hasti-Notes, Ephemera & Keepsakes, Prints & Reproductions, Limited Editions & Collectibles, and Miscellaneous

The Arctic 1927: A.Y. Jackson

Bee Seasons

Capital Woodlands: A Field and Armchair Guide to Ottawa's Urban Woodlands and Wooded Areas

La Capitale Boisée: Guide du naturaliste et du randonneur virtuel: bois urbains et zones boisées d'Ottawa

Carl: Portrait of a Painter from Letters & Reminiscences

Complete TV Angler (Volume 1): A Primer For Trout, Pickerel, Bass, and Musky Fishing

Complete TV Angler (Volume 2): A Primer For Trout, Pickerel, Bass, and Musky Fishing

Dying I Was Born

Eighteen Hanover Drawings: 1924-1930

The Fitzgerald Alphabet

The Legend of the Mimigwesseos

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 1. View of Hanover, July 1937

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 2. The Voelzing Farm, Hanover, Township of Bentinck, Grey County, 28 July 1937

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 3. Still Life with Blue Spectacles, Version II, 17 September 1954

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 4. Christmas Window at Norwich, December 1940

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 5. Still Life and Propaganda, 3 May 1939

Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal

One of the Many Stories about the King

Rhubarb for Good Measure

Shadow Cat: poems & wood engravings

Sketchbook, 1915-1922: J.E.H. MacDonald

Soapstone Carving for Children

The Songs of Wade Hemsworth

Songs of Wade Hemsworth, The (CD Recording)

The Story of Chakapas: A Cree Indian Legend

Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children: A Teacher's Guide

A Theatre Near You: 150 Years of Going to the Show in Ottawa-Gatineau

Twelve Farm Drawings: 1927-1932: Carl Schaefer

Twelve Northern Drawings: 1926-1933: Carl Schaefer

The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska

Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action

Wild Geese & Other Poems

Wisakyjak and the New World

Zen Mercies / Small Satoris

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