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Culture, Ecology, and Imagination of the North

The Animals Within

The Arctic 1927: A.Y. Jackson

Arctic Argonauts

Arctic Circle Songs: Fifty "Delta Hushpuppies"

Auras, Tendrils

Big Little Dog

A Boy All Spirit: Thoreau MacDonald in the 1920s

A Canadian ABC: An Alphabet Book for Kids

Cantos North

Carl: Portrait of a Painter from Letters & Reminiscences

Charlie Shapwaykeesic

A Child's Story of Canada

A Christmas Tree from Puddin' Stone Hill

Clearwater Tarn

Country You Can't Walk In

Do I Have To Go To Sleep?

Drawing on the Land: The New World Watercolours and Diaries (1838-1942) of Millicent Mary Chaplin

The Efficiency of Killers

Eighteen Hanover Drawings: 1924-1930

The Elizabeth Trinities

Greenmantle: An Ojibway Legend of the North

Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited

How I Got My Dogsled

In Hiding

Inscription Rock

Insel: The Queen Charlotte Islands Meditations

Kenojuak: The Life Story of an Inuit Artist

Killing the Shamen


The Land They Occupied


The Legend of the Mimigwesseos

Legends from the Forest

Letters on Birchbark

The Liberators

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 1. View of Hanover, July 1937

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 2. The Voelzing Farm, Hanover, Township of Bentinck, Grey County, 28 July 1937

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 3. Still Life with Blue Spectacles, Version II, 17 September 1954

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 4. Christmas Window at Norwich, December 1940

Limited Edition Watercolour Prints: 5. Still Life and Propaganda, 3 May 1939

Massanoga: The Art of Bon Echo

The Minor Odyssey of Lollie "Heronfeathers" Singer

The Moon of Hunger

Mooskek Reader #1: Black Moss journal


Nanna Bijou: The Sleeping Giant

No Longer North

North Country Spring: A book of verse for children

The Northern Imagination: A Study of Northern Canadian Literature

On the Road Again ... Again

Out of the Storm

Parables and Rain

Passing the Peace: A Counting Book for Kids

The Peasant Kingdom: Canada in the 19th-Century Russian Imagination

The Puff Adder Who Was Stuck

Reflections of French River

Rim Poems

Round Trip Home

Russian Roots and Canadian Wings: Russian Archival Documents on the Doukhobor Emigration

Sacred Legends

Sammy Goes to Residential School

Seven Robins

A Signature of Leaves

The Sky Hangs Low


Soapstone Carving for Children

The Songs of Wade Hemsworth

Songs of Wade Hemsworth, The (CD Recording)

The Story of Chakapas: A Cree Indian Legend

Stranded in Terra

Suburbs of the Arctic Circle

The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Swimming at Twelve Mile

Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children: A Teacher's Guide


Thirteen Moons : Treize Lunes

Thoreau MacDonald's Notebooks

Tom Thomson And Other Poems

Tough Roots

Translating Genesis

Troubling a Star

Twelve Farm Drawings: 1927-1932: Carl Schaefer

Twelve Northern Drawings: 1926-1933: Carl Schaefer

The Unicorn of the Arctic Sea: The Narwhal And Its Habitat

Up Country Lines

The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska

Where Cold Winds Blow: 33 Years in the Arctic

Where Only the Elders Go

Willing Victims

Wisakyjak and the New World

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