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Novels and Projects for Young Adult Readers (Long List)

All that once was will be again: An Iroquois Story

Anytime Stories

Anywhere Stories

Big Little Dog

Charlie Shapwaykeesic

Collie Rescue

Foxy and the Missing Mask

Greenmantle: An Ojibway Legend of the North

Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited

Howlin' Marie

Jeremy Gates and the Magic Key

The Legend of the Mimigwesseos

My Name is Louis

Nanna Bijou: The Sleeping Giant

One of the Many Stories about the King

Patrick and the Actors

Riding High

Sammy Goes to Residential School


A Smoother Pebble, A Prettier Shell: Art & Facts from a Computerised Expedition into the Surreal Land of Science

Soapstone Carving for Children

Teaching Soapstone Carving for Children: A Teacher's Guide

The Touch of Something Wild

The Unicorn of the Arctic Sea: The Narwhal And Its Habitat

Wisakyjak and the New World

A World of Dragons

You Don't Mess With Mozart

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