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Finding Words: A Writer's Memoir

Marianne Brandis

'For writers, for single women (single for whatever reason), for any strangers and loners—and who of us is not one?—and for people who find themselves growing older on an increasingly alien planet, Marianne Brandis gives a voice to the darkness. She doesn't make it look easy, but she shows us that it can be done, with grace, clarity, and above all, courage.'

—Betty Jane Wylie

ISBN 1894131029 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Fingerspelling: poems & drawings

Aidan Baker

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 46

Eros and sorrow meet in this verse meditation on the obstacles and allure of an inter-sensual romance. The speaker, a man, has fallen hard for a hearing-impaired woman, whose other senses are well intact. Deft word arrangements on the page, along with diagrams of the fingerspelling alphabet, evoke the strange, soundless, tactile world of his beloved.

ISBN 1894131002 | Softcover | $ 15.95


In the Guise of Bane: To The Limits of Human Existence

Engelbert Heller

Translated from the German by Gerard W. Kellen
Selected sketches by Georg Hiernoymi

'What a shock! —Three weeks after the end of the war soldiers of the US Army packed me, a nineteen-year-old, along with 10,000 fellow German prisoners, men, women and children, onto big trucks and carted us from around Heidmühle in the Bavarian Forest to Strakonice in Czechoslovakia. In the open field we were forced to climb down from the American army trucks and were turned over to the heavily armed Red Army soldiers.'

—from the opening of Engelbert Heller's memoir

ISBN 1894131053 | Softcover | $ 14.95


In the New Capital: A Nineteenth-Century View of Ottawa in the Twenty-First Century

John Galbraith (1846 - 1914)

Edited with an Introduction by R. Douglas Francis

Travel back to Toronto or Ottawa circa 1897. Imagine what your idea of utopia might have been then. Lucky for us, historian R. Douglas Francis found a treasure in the archives, a utopian novel written in 1897 by one John Galbraith, a mystery man. In his quest for solutions to the social and political problems of the day, Galbraith dreams of a reformed Canada in 1999. A devil to compare his dream with what we now know to have come true.

ISBN 0921254962 | Softcover | $ 19.95


It All Begins With Tenderness

André Drouin

Cover by Peter Schwarz
Illustrated by Karen Lindquist

For the past sixteen years Father André Drouin has been tending to the spiritual needs of persons living with AIDS. He introduces us to a varied cast of characters: the highly cultivated François, from whom the priest learns the infinite value of a handclasp; Jean-Guy, who recovered his spiritual vision even as his eyes were losing their sight; Étienne, a seven-year-old with a profound knowledge of the meaning of gift-giving; Daniel, a drug-user from the streets, the last of three friends to die of AIDS, who learned to speak his needs in prayer, and who adopted Father Drouin as his "Pops."

ISBN 1894131037 | Softcover | $ 13.95


Letters on Birchbark

Uta Regoli

Translated from the German by Henry Beissel

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 49

"... Recording the newcomer's struggles to find home, these poems open up to the larger issues of human existence—the inescapable process of aging, the spiritual paralysis of our contemporary world, and the realization that home is not a geographic location but a place inside of us."

—from the preface by translator Henry Beissel

ISBN 1894131088 | Softcover | Out of print


Long, Long Goodbyes

Heidi Liehu

Translated from the Finnish by Kathleen Osgood Dana

Scandinavian Literature in Translation

Long, Long Goodbyes charts the flickering of a passionate affair in six phases of existential angst and amazement. In these poems Liehu makes long farewells to her lover over the course of a summer, hovering over a kiss or a gesture. She follows the seasons, global and emotional, galactic and illogical, shivering with the clinging ache of rejection.

ISBN 189413107X | Softcover | $ 12.95


The Minor Odyssey of Lollie "Heronfeathers" Singer

Lenny Everson

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 48

This book is entertainment. Nothing more. It does not claim to be history, ethnology, or anything else. Any connection to real life is coincidental at best and sheer accident at worst. Lollie and all the other people you'll meet in this book are products of the imagination—that of a white, middle-aged, male poet from south-western Ontario.

ISBN 1894131126 | Softcover | $ 9.95


scissor, paper, woman

Marianne Bluger

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 47

Marianne Bluger spent decades honing her craft, and to international acclaim, before she felt she had the stamina to turn her attention to the daunting task of unmasking her experience of being a woman in her time. The result is scissor, paper, woman—startling and intimate poems, measured with visceral intelligence and irrepressible wit. As Diane Hartog says, "She's the real thing."

ISBN 1894131010 | Softcover | $ 16.95


The Sound of Strength

Sirkka Turkka

Translated from the Finnish by Seija Paddon

Scandinavian Literature in Translation

"... Sirkka Turkka welds demotic expressions, Biblical overtones, and Finnish pop songs together like a Jesus hanging out with publicans and prostitutes. She does this quite seamlessly, creating a lively verbal landscape. These elements of Sirkka Turkka's poetry make the task of translating very demanding.... "

ISBN 189413110X | Softcover | $ 14.95


Spitfire Down: The POW Story

Brian Hodgkinson

Edited by George E. Condon

Shot down over France in 1941, Brian Hodgkinson had to forgo the glamour of being a Spitfire pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force. But hilarious if nerve-wracking adventures were yet in store for the handsome young Canadian radio personality. He would hustle together live theatre shows, a new show every 21 days, in the most unlikely of venues—a warehouse at Stalag 383. Other POW escapades to boot in this poignant war-time howler.

ISBN 1894131061 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Tom Thomson And Other Poems

George Whipple

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 50

"A poetry of noble statement, deeply moving, relevant and superbly formed as art."

—Louis Dudek, The Globe and Mail

George Whipple's poetry has been widely praised by critics and fellow poets. Readers and listeners delight in his tributes to various artists and writers. Tom Thomson And Other Poems is a collection of his best along with nineteen new poems. Multi-faceted and sparkling with vitality and wit, these poems celebrate the joy of existence—a personal vision of Nature, art, and the transcendent spirit.

ISBN 1894131118 | Softcover | $ 18.95


Two Jacksons Abroad: 1936

Naomi Jackson Groves

Letters and sketches by A.Y. Jackson

With her uncle A.Y. Jackson and the spirits of Goethe and later Ernst Barlach, Naomi Jackson embarked on a year of travel, art and literary study in Europe, particularly Germany, in 1936. She has opened her diary to us, her paintings, as well as her uncle's journal, sketches, and letters from that year. We get a glimpse of Europe between the wars, from the bright-eyed perspective of a 26 year old Canadian woman aspiring to be both a scholar and artist.

ISBN 1894131045 | Casebound | $ 29.95


Walk-Ons & Bit-Parts

Sara Lee Stadelman

Sara Lee Stadelman walks us through the kaleidoscope of her life: Brooklyn, Broadway, WW II, Vegas, transcending "the mundane realities of who-what-where...." She tells the story on her own terms, touching upon the most intimate and significant moments in her adventure to achieve mastery of creative, artistic, and spiritual freedom.

ISBN 1894131096 | Softcover | $ 24.95

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