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At the End of the Day: A Memoir

Carolyn Smart

Carolyn Smart's first sketch of her father, entitled "A Careful Man," won the CBC Radio Literary Competition in 1994. In this long anticipated memoir, she traverses the minefield of an intense and difficult relationship. Written as a testament, as a direct approach to the mysterious, as an attempt to come to terms with the legacies of childhood.

ISBN 1894131169 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Beyond Declining Years: The Art of Aging

Blanche Black

Edited for the Press by Stacey Munro

Upbeat meditations on the topic of aging ... for everyone! After all, who among us isn't aging? Dash those myths of aging as slow but sure decline. Dip into these chapters—The ABC's of Aging, Count Your Blessings, and Celebrating Your Tomorrows. Remind yourself of the open secrets of aging gracefully!

ISBN 1894131274 | Softcover | $ 18.95


braille on water

Kim Fahner

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 51

Mythic yet steeped in the present, these poems wake us up to the sensual continuum of which we are a part. From the intimate to the cosmological. Despite Fahner's breadth of vision and mythic references, she never over-reaches. Her reach is within. These are the kind of poems that can give you goose bumps.

ISBN 1894131193 | Softcover | $ 14.95


Capital Woodlands: A Field and Armchair Guide to Ottawa's Urban Woodlands and Wooded Areas

Seaton Findlay

You won't find such woodland wonders marked on city street maps. This handy guide blends geography, history, and botany in a millennial celebration of the urban forests of the capital. Explore the natural city or travel it in your mind.

ISBN 1894131142 | Softcover | $ 24.95


La Capitale Boisée: Guide du naturaliste et du randonneur virtuel: bois urbains et zones boisées d'Ottawa

Seaton Findlay

La nature s'efface devant la ville, mais Ottawa, a, par bonheur, conservé des ilôts boisés qui lui rappellent encore son passé sauvage. Certains ont été amoureusement préservés et bonifiés, souvent par des mains anonymes; d'autres son restés intacts, oeuvre d'un hasard heureux. Certains sont bien connus; d'autres sont des secrets bien gardés. Ici et là, quelques noms officiels. Ici et là, quelques pancartes. Mais les cartes de la ville ne sont d'aucun secours à qui veut explorer ces milieux arborés.

ISBN 1894131150 | Softcover | $ 24.95


The Liberators

Munroe Scott

It is the spring of 1838 as an innocent backwoods girl, full of primal evolutionary yearnings, sets out to liberate her fiancé from the Redcoats at Fort Henry and finds herself involved in a boisterous invasion of Upper Canada with as motley a crew of piratical patriots as ever prowled the Thousand Islands or graced the Canadian political scene. It is a small microcosm of the Upper Canada rebellion that takes place, fittingly enough after the Rebellion is already over.

ISBN 1894131215 | Softcover | Out of print


On the Road Again ... Again

Andrew Little

Seldom without his camera since joining the On the Road Again team in 1988, Andrew Little loved to capture "ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things." On the Road Again ... Again features Andrew Little's portraits of the remarkable Canadians he met while field producer for the TV show during its first five formative years. The book contains photos from all ten provinces, the Territories and the Yukon.

ISBN 1894131177 | Softcover | $ 24.95


The Peasant Kingdom: Canada in the 19th-Century Russian Imagination

J.L. Black

With translations by Yana Kuzmin, Marina Sabanadze, George Bolotenko, & Larry Black

General editors of Canada-Russia Series are J.L Black & Andrew Donskov

Canada-Russia Series, No. 2

Russian visions of Canada in the 19th-century are traced, and wonderfully evoked, in this historical volume, The Peasant Kingdom. Supplementing it is a never before translated travel account by Aleksander B. Lakier, a Russian jurist who visited Canada in 1857. Lakier's detailed examination of Canada's urban governance, justice and educational systems became part of the discourse during debate in Russia over the Great reforms of the early 1800s.

ISBN 1894131231 | Softcover | $ 24.95


The Poor Relation

Ernst Barlach

Translated from the German by Naomi Jackson Groves

Ernst Barlach Drama & Artist Series

'The woman born with complete purity, the man who struggles through to purity out of the downcasting defeats of life—they are unable to bridge the way of life that separates them, and both fall victim to it amidst the jeers of the mob.... Barlach's book is more than an unusually deep "drama of the soul." It is the ecstatic Mystery of a new salvation.'

ISBN 1894131266 | Softcover | $ 19.95


The Voice of the Natives: The Canadian North and Alaska

Hans-Ludwig Blohm

"Are you finished, white man?
I am speaking."

On hearing those words spoken by an elder woman of the Ksan Indian village near Hazelton, B.C., in 1977, a humbled photographer, Hans-Ludwig Blohm, hastened upon a decades long quest. He has made over thirty trips—in all seasons, by car, boat, and aircraft across the Canadian North and Alaska—to glimpse the soul of the people of the North and the breathtaking land that is their home.

ISBN 1894131134 | Casebound | $ 39.95


Waking at Rush Cove

Terry Fuchs

A boy's eyes open to the beauty of the natural world around him. Taking its title from one of the essays, "Waking at Rush Cove," this slim volume centers on the theme of discovery. It is a memoir pieced together with gem-like essays on cottage life and the outdoors around Waterloo County and Lake Huron and in Eastern Ontario.

ISBN 1894131207 | Softcover | $ 21.95

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