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A Boy All Spirit: Thoreau MacDonald in the 1920s

Edited by John W. Sabean

Thoreau MacDonald inherited his surname from his father, J.E.H. MacDonald, the well-known leader of the Group of Seven, and received his first name in honour of his father's favourite author, Henry David Thoreau. It seemed natural that two of his great interests should be art and nature. Thoreau's artistic career began in 1922, when three of his works were published in The Canadian Forum He served as the Forum's Art Editor for the next ten years. He is best known, however, for his book illustration and design. In A Boy All Spirit, editor John Sabean gathers the work and source material of Thoreau's formative years in the 1920's, shedding light on the artistic process of this intriguing and gifted man.

ISBN 1894131290 | Casebound | $ 39.95


Sonic Geography: Imagined and Remembered

Ellen Waterman

From Japanese ritual to Polish history to Canadian soundscape composition, this collection maps the fascinating relationship between environmental sound and cultural imagination. In Sonic Geography Imagined and Remembered , sound artists, designers, and scholars from eight countries offer a wide range of perspectives on the place of sound in our world and on how our place in the world is articulated through sound.

ISBN 1-894131-34-7 | Softcover | $ 29.95


Tales of Courage: Stories from Eastern Ontario's Remarkable Past

Bernard Chevrier

This is a book about courage—about people who have demonstrated determination, foresight and endurance in the service of their country. Canadian history is filled with men and women who have dedicated their lives to building a better and more prosperous country: explorers, settlers, missionaries, scholars, scientists, artists, public servants, entrepreneurs and politicians. The stories in this book are about Canadians who share this experience. Some are well known, others not so; but all have played a major role in shaping our destiny and all have had an influence in fashioning our identity.

ISBN 1894131304 | Softcover | $ 19.95


Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action

Edited by Susan McMaster

Can a poem stop a bullet? The 100-plus contributors to Waging Peace: Poetry and Political Action offer hope. To mark 2001, the first year of the millennium, poets and artists from across Canada donated art-wrapped poems on peace to every MP and Senator, as an encouragement of their work for peace in Canada and abroad. The poems and art were published first in Convergence: Poems for Peace as broadsheets and a limited boxed edition. Now they have been offered by the creators to Waging Peace, on the understanding that Penumbra Press is donating all royalties to peace education.

ISBN 1894131371 | Softcover | $ 24.95

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