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Before Whispers Become Silence

Andrew Clyde Little

A compelling memoir chronicling the author's 30 year search for the reasons behind his mother's suicide in 1953, the sordid family history that preceded her psychological breakdown, her treatment by the infamous Montreal psychiatrist Ewan Campell and his own battle with alcoholism, prescription drug addiction and agoraphobia.

ISBN 1-894131-398 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Canal Seasons

Clive Doucet

In his fourth book of poetry, Clive Doucet celebrates the turning of the earth's clock and the connections people have created between Ottawa, the Rideau Canal and the life on it and around it.

ISBN 1-894131-43-6 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


Captured in Stone: Carving Canada's Past

K. Barbara Lambert, R. Eleanor Milne, and Eleanor Moore

Introduction by Margaret Wade Labarge
Photography by Ewald Richter

One of the most remarkable sights to greet visitors to Canada's Parliament Buildings is a work of stone carving in the Foyer of the House of Commons entitled the "History of Canada Series." Here, images have been carved directly into the limestone on all four sides in a frieze about forty metres long and one and one-half metres high. Eleanor Milne, Dominion Sculptor from 1962 to 1993 and the creator of the work, has selected moments in the history of Canada from the earliest times to the beginning of the twentieth century that illustrate the events, the historical changes, the institutions, and, above all, the people that have made Canada what it is.

Available in French

ISBN 1-894131-320 | Casebound | $ 29.95


A Child's Story of Canada

Karin Moorhouse

Indians and Eskimos, explorers and fur traders, Vikings, French and English, soldiers and farmers all move through the pages of this book, bringing the story of Canada to life for readers of all ages.

ISBN 1894131479 | Softcover | $ 12.95


Daniel Defoe's Due Preparations for the Plague: As Well for Soul as Body

Logan Atkinson

Defoe's Due Preparations for the Plague (published here for the first time in over a century) and Atkinson's comprehensive Introduction underscore the continuing relevance of historical perspectives on disease control.

ISBN 1894131428 | Softcover | $ 24.95


The Hockey Player Sonnets: Overtime Edition

John B. Lee

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 54

Welcome to the Hockey Game of Life, just as the title suggests, these are hockey poems by a hockey player. This read takes you through the full three periods, from iced-over ponds, to small arenas, to the limelight, through fights, falls, and euphorias, straight to the heart of the game.

ISBN 189413155X | Softcover | $ 15.95


Killing the Shamen

Thomas Fiddler and James R. Stevens

Cree Legends of Sandy Lake, No. 2

Charged with murder was old Jack Fiddler, a shaman and leader of the Sucker clan from the upper Severn river in what is now northwestern Ontario. Joseph Fiddler, Jack's younger brother, was also charged. Their alleged crime was the killing of a possessed woman who had turned into the dreaded windigo.... One of the most unusual cases in the history of Canadian jurispudence commenced in Norway House, Manitoba, in the fall of 1907.

ISBN 920806813 | Softcover | $ 24.95


The Legend of the Mimigwesseos

Adam Ballantyne

Transcribed and Edited by Prentice G. Downes
Introduction by Robert Cockburn
Woodcuts by Annie Downes Catterson

Cree Legends of Pelican Narrows, No. 3

The third in an award-winning trilogy of books devoted to the Cree legends of Pelican Narrows in Northern Saskatchewan. For children and adults alike, these stories of long ago were told by Adam Ballantyne, who is "Nimosom" or "grandfather," to a young travelling schoolmaster named P.G. Downes in the summer of 1937, and summers following. Downes transcribed them in his journal. His daughter, Annie Downes Catterson, again provides stunning woodcuts that depict the twists and turns of the legendary characters in the spirit world of the Woodland Cree.

ISBN 0-921254-806 | Softcover | $ 9.95


Letters from Moscow

Landon Pearson

Canada-Russia Series, No. 4

In the dying days of the Soviet experiment, a senior diplomat's wife sends letters home to Canada outlining her impressions of the uneasy relationship between a proud people and their oppressive system in the allusive style of the times.

ISBN 1-894131-444 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


Mikhail Klochko: Soviet Scientist, Cold-War Defector, Canadian Storyteller

Vadim Koukouchkine and Carter Elwood

Canada-Russia Series, No. 3

Klochko had two distinct careers: as a scientist and as a writer. Before his defection to Canada in 1961, he was an esteemed Soviet chemist, the holder of a professorship in Moscow, and the recipient of a Stalin prize.

ISBN 1-894131-41X | Softcover | $ 24.95


RRSP & Mutual Fund Basics: 4th Edition

Derek King

Nicholas Firman

Answers to over 220 of the most asked questions about RRSPs, RRIFs and mutual funds along with 100 essential tips and cautions by a noted professional financial advisor.

ISBN 1-894131-576 | Softcover | Out of print


Saisi Dans La Pierre: Le Passeé du Canada en Sculptures

R. Eleanor Milne

K. Barbara Lambert
Eleanor Moore

ISBN 1-894131-401 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Soapstone Carving for Children

Bonnie Gosse

Photographs by Dave Gosse

A craft book with a difference! First of all, Soapstone Carving for Children is a family book; second, it combines a history of the craft with the procedures of carving, making the book a high-interest source of enjoyment; and third, it provides sample projects and working drawings for children to develop on their own.

ISBN 1894131487 | Softcover | $ 14.95



Mary Frost

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 52

"These stunning poems combine the holy and the everyday. The language is luminous and here we are, along with Frost, touching the mystery of time and life."

Veronica Ross, former writer-in-residence in Thunder Bay

ISBN 1-894131-339 | Softcover | $ 17.95


The Touch of Something Wild

Colleen Rutherford Archer

Illustrations by J.O. (Judi) Pennanen

"Kyra longed now for a horse with spark and fire. She longed for a horse with real potential. She longed, in her heart, for the touch of something wild."

ISBN 1-8894131-355 | Softcover | $ 14.95


Where Only the Elders Go

Written by Jan Bourdeau Waboose
Colour artwork by Halina Below

On hearing the call of a Loon, an Ojibway boy remembers a story of long ago. Mishomis (meaning "grandfather" in Ojibwa) comes to a peaceful, restful lake surrounded by tall, ancient trees. The place is tranquil because it is sacred, and the Loon is calling because it is time for Mishomis to pass on. Closing his eyes, Mishomis sees his life first as a young boy, then as a Chief, and now as an Elder. In a moment of silence, Moon Lake Loon Lake welcomes Mishomis's spirit, and again the boy hears the call of the Loon.

ISBN 1-894131-460 | Softcover | $ 12.95

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