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Adventures of a Paper Sleuth

Hugh P. MacMillan

Hugh Pearson Macmillan roamed the highways, attics and basements of Ontario seeking out the often forgotten, usually unappreciated treasures of our documentary heritage. He involved himself in the founding of the Glengarry Historical Society, the Dunvegan Pioneer Museum, and the Nor'Wester and Loyalist Museum at Williamstown. In 1964, Hugh persuaded the Ontario Archives archivistto hire him as a 'roving archivist.' Over the next 25 years, he secured the deposit of an invaluable mass of documentation. All Canadians are in his debt for his initiative in 1967 to retrace voyageur canoe routes and to re-enact fur trade history. In 1984, MacMillan was honoured with a Doctorate of Letters by Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario.

ISBN 1894131622 | Hardcover | $ 35.00


Collie Rescue

Colleen Rutherford Archer

Illustrations by Maguma

"Walking Sandy at the dog park was a real nightmare. Since she had never been allowed to run free, it was her one big aim in life. In the past, Dan had always walked dogs his mother had trained. They heeled beside him when working on command, and then ran and played when given a release signal. When it was time to go, they retuned instantly at the sound of their own names." Fourteen-year-old Dan Peterson is assigned to look after Sandy, a foster dog from the Collie Rescue League, as part of his summer job at his mother's kennel. The assignment leads to trouble, heartache, and adventure, and a conclusion Dan could never have foreseen. Colleen Rutherford archer is a freelance writer from Deep River, Ontario, where she and her husband Andrew own a small horse stable. For ten summers she ran a volunteer therapeutic riding program with her friends. Colleen has published four other young adult novels (Foxy and the Missing Mask, Riding High, and A Touch of Something Wild with Penumbra Press, and The Horse Dealer with Boealis Press), a novella, and hundreds of articles and short stories for newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Colleen has two daughters, Elizabeth and Heather, and two granddaughters, Bridget and Alison.

ISBN 1894131673 | Softcover | $ 14.95


Coming of Age in Arabia: A Memoir of Aden before the Terror

Tom Henighan

The core of Henighan's book is a lively mix of stories, some arising from the author's professional duties and some from his personal relationships, including his sometimes tentative, sometimes raucous attempts to get a mature romantic—or, at the very least, sexual—life underway. His consular assignments often involved travels elsewhere in the region, and the reader experiences these varied landscapes through the fresh, sometimes bewildered eyes of the young vice consul.

ISBN 1894131649 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


Drawing on the Land: The New World Watercolours and Diaries (1838-1942) of Millicent Mary Chaplin

Edited by Jim Burant

Archives of Canadian Art (& Design)

Millicent Mary Chaplin was the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Thos. Chaplin of the Coldstream Guards, and accompanied him to Quebec in 1838. During the next four years the Chaplins travelled widely in the Canadas and America, and met an extraordinary variety of people, including Lafontaine, George Etienne Cartier, John Beverly Robinson, William Allan, etc. Her diary offers perspectives of New York and American manners, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Quebec, the Maritimes, and Niagara Falls.

ISBN 1894131614 | Softcover | $ 39.95


A Jew In Deed

Imrich Yitzhak Rosenberg
M. Corey Goldman

Canada-Russia Series, No. 5

Dr. Imrich Yitzhak Rosenberg called three quite different parts of the world home: Central Europe, Israel and Canada. Born in Austria-Hungary, he grew up in the newly created Czechoslovakia. Rosenberg's fruitful labour on behalf of Jews during and shortly after the Second World War in Europe is the subject of this book.

ISBN 1894131606 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


Journey Under Glass

John Baglow

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 55

If nothing is constant but change, then everything for the marvelling consciousness is a journey, a process of transformation in which we may choose to drift or, if we are possessed of luck, vision, foolhardiness or desperation, try to set our own course. These poems are the trace of one, or more than one, such voyage.

ISBN 1894131657 | Softcover | $ 17.95


Life Along the Opeongo Line: The Story of a Colonization Road

Joan Finnigan

Featured in Life Along the Opeongo Line are the original diaries of surveyor Hamlet Burritt; Crown Land Agent T.P. French's "Tract for Intending Settlers," written to entice immigrants; and scores of tales told by descendants of the first settlers, Irish, Scots, Germans, Poles, and Canadiens.

ISBN 1894131630 | Softcover | Out of print


A Theatre Near You: 150 Years of Going to the Show in Ottawa-Gatineau

Alain Miguelez

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

A Theatre Near You confirms Ottawa's place as one of Canada's most magnificent cities. This book greets you with a celebration of the author's discoveries. Alain Miguelez has always been a movie buff; with rare investigative skills, he brings to light the whole story of every motion picture theatre that ever existed in the area of the nation's capital on both sides of the Ottawa River. Writing about these historic buildings and everything in them and everyone involved—from the moguls and ushers to the patrons and their communities—is a labour of love for Miguelez.

ISBN 1 894131 38 x | Hardcover | $ 44.95


Where Cold Winds Blow: 33 Years in the Arctic

Bill Webb

Where Cold Winds Blow is a story about a group of individuals who patrol the high Arctic in Coast Guard Icebreakers escorting commercial vessels to various settlements and sites throughout the Islands, and how they prepare to meet the challenges created by extreme ice and weather conditions, 200 to 300-foot icebergs, and the isolation and loneliness of the Arctic.

ISBN 1894131452 | Hardcover | $ 29.95

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