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A Piper's American Odyssey: Contemporary Compositions for the Bagpipe

Pipe Major Hugh D. Macpherson

With A Piper's American Odyssey, Pipe Major Hugh D. Macpherson has assembled a magnificent homage to Canada's southerly neighbour. Twenty-two new bagpipe compositions by PM Macpherson, as well as a selection of tunes from some of the finest contemporary US composers, are paired with micro-essays on the origins of the compositions. Mining the rich vein of American history and reflecting on the present, PM Macpherson's music and text reverberate long after the book is closed, the chanter at ease.

ISBN 1894131959 | Softcover | Out of print


All that once was will be again: An Iroquois Story

Alex Mogelon

Illustrations by Ronna Mogelon

An Iroquois community busily prepares for the long, harsh winter. A young woman, stifled by domestic life, quietly yearns for more. In search of freedom, she flees the longhouse only to encounter a group of enemy warriors planning an attack.

Her brother, Gaheska, a gifted but reckless young man, sets out to warn the hunters of the settlement's dire fate. But his forest journey is soon beset by obstacles both physical and spiritual. Gripped by terrifying, masked visions, the impatient Gaheska discovers that he still has much to learn — about his people, his culture, and himself.

In this book-length adaptation of a traditional Iroquois story, Alex Mogelon skillfully weaves between Iroquois and Western traditions. The result is a tale of self-discovery that re-examines the timeless negotiation between an individual's desires and a community's demands.

ISBN 1894131827 | Softcover | $ 13.95


Artist Among the Wolves: The Life of Arthur Henshaw Packer

June K. Ridley

Postscript by Robert Stacey

Immigrating to Canada around 1909, A. Henshaw Packer was commissioned to carve the tympanum of the Winnipeg Law Courts. After homesteading in the Peguis Reserve area, he moved with his family to Toronto and revived his carving profession, working on commissions such as the Trinity College Quadrangle, the Postal Building on Bay Street, the Lion Monument at the entrance of the Queen Elizabeth Way, and the Canadian Coat of Arms on the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls. This biography by his daughter includes over 50 archival photos of his life in both Manitoba and Ontario.

ISBN 1894131258 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


A Christmas Tree from Puddin' Stone Hill

Elsie Hadden Mole

Pencil drawings by Sylvia Hahn

"I'm going to get the Christmas tree," sang Timmy, as he pulled on one snowboot ...

After convincing his mom he is old enough to hike up Puddin' Stone Hill to cut down the Christmas tree, Timmy sets off, bow-saw in hand, to find the best tree he can find. The snow is deep and the journey is long, but Timmy soon discovers that his mischievous furry friend, Black Cat, is watching over him. Together, their quest for the perfect tree becomes nothing short of a minor Yuletide odyssey.

ISBN 1894131967 | Softcover | $ 9.95


Economies of Gratitude

Ellen Symons

Mary Weymark Goss

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 63

Economies of Gratitude is a collection of poems about perception, communication and relationship. It does not come to conclusions, but explores ideas about each of these themes through interactions with the natural world, through friendships and kinships, and through illness and death.

ISBN 1894131975 | Softcover | $ 18.95


Foxy and the Missing Mask

Colleen Rutherford Archer

Foxy is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who finds a home with fourteen-year-old Mark Crowe, a Kwakiutl Indian boy. When the dog is sold to make up for a stolen mask carved by the boy's father, Mark and his friend, Ted, must get to the truth of the matter.

ISBN 1894131908 | Softcover | $ 9.95


Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors: An Historic Relationship

Andrew Donskov

Cover art by Jan Kabatoff

Canada-Russia Series, No. 7

This study, based in good part on a variety of hitherto unpublished documents (government and official Orthodox Church reports, diaries and letters, as well as Tolstoy's treatises and works of fiction), and complemented by guest essays, oral interviews and questionnaires, seeks to trace the nature of the evolving relationship between one of Russia's greatest writers and the people known as the Doukhobors, to whom he was a kindred spirit, lending his moral and financial support to their emigration en masse to Canada in 1899.

A pragmatist, Tolstoy was not content to confine his creative output to the philosophical plane. He was constantly searching for practical examples to illustrate his theories about the attainment of truth, on the meaning of life. He had for some time been looking to the simple peasant way of life to satisfy this need. It was in the Doukhobors's beliefs — and especially in their lifestyle, their honest toil, their communal ethos, their pacifist principles — that Tolstoy saw the practical embodiment of the ideals he himself would have liked to achieve.

A joint project of the Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations at Carleton University and the Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa

ISBN 0889273200 | Softcover | Temporarily out of print


Movies Ate My Brain

Robert Fontaine

Robert Fontaine is a film critic whose passion for the cinema is infectious. Until now, his lively commentary was only available to listeners of CBC Ottawa's All in a Day. With this collection, Fontaine brings his exuberant, imaginative voice to the printed page in a selection of expanded and revised film reviews comprising a life-long love affair with the movies.

ISBN 1894131940 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Nude with Scar

Marianne Bluger

Penumbra Press Poetry Series

Nude with Scar comprises nearly all of Marianne Bluger's previously unpublished poetry. Carefully edited by husband Larry Neily and good friend and fellow poet Ronnie Brown, the book enacts each of the forms in which Marianne's previous ten books are written, including haiku, tanka, and the lyric. Bluger's verse is always personal: we get to know her wants and wishes, hurts and sorrows, pleasures and ecstasies. Yet is equally universal, balancing the one and the many, unfolding the principles of life and living, death and dying.

Bluger is an honest poet; she doesn't hold back. She is direct, even cheeky, when she needs to be, and she is sentimental and weepy when the mood is right. Ultimately, she demonstrates that faith in poetry is itself a form of salvation, neither just a temporary reprieve from the madness of everyday life, nor an escape into self-pity. In life, Marianne Bluger was quietly passionate about helping others, both in spirit and in act. Her poetry reveals a similar instinct for offering advice, meddling here and pronouncing there. Completed a month before her death, Nude with Scar rewards us over and over again.

ISBN 1894131932 | Softcover | $ 19.95


Out of Muskoka

James Bartleman

A senior Canadian diplomat is viciously assaulted in his hotel room in South Africa. His world collapses in post-traumatic shock and he is haunted by flashback images of the discrimination he and his family endured when they moved to a small community in central Ontario immediately following World War Two. To exorcise these ghosts, he returns to the past to relive his childhood and youth. In the ensuing memoir, he describes the vibrant colorful personalities of a small northern community in which individuals, Indian and white, are larger than life, and in which race relations reflect unenlightened attitudes.

ISBN 1894131983 | Softcover | Out of print


Tainting History: Essays in Life-Writing

Barbara Gabriel, ed.

Carol Shields
Roy Miki
Robert Kroetsch
Phyllis Grosskurth
Jeannette Armstrong

A multiplicity of voices — scholarly, literary, biographical — animates this collection of essays on the subject of life-writing. Each contributor shares the conviction, deeply felt, that life-writing is more than a private act of expression made public. What emerges from this volume is a highly politicized vision of the genre: one that pushes the classical horizons of biography and autobiography squarely into the realms of the historical and the political.

With essays by Carol Shields, Robert Kroetsch, Roy Miki, Jeannete Armstrong, and Phyllis Grosskurth.

ISBN 1894131770 | | $ 24.95


The Gouzenko Affair

J.L. Black & Martin Rudner, eds.

Canada-Russia Series, No. 8

On Sept. 5, 1945, Russian cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko left the Soviet embassy in Ottawa with an armful of documents detailing the efforts of a Soviet spy ring in Canada. Known as the Gouzenko affair, this event has since been considered the harbinger of the new era of Cold War international relations. Beyond that, Gouzenko's defection profoundly and directly affected the security and intelligence communities in Britain,
Canada, the Soviet Union, and the United States, for years to come.

With essays by Christopher Andrew, J.L. Black, Benjamin B. Fischer, John F. Fox Jr, Andrew Kavchak, Amy Knight, Hector Mackenzie, Alexei P. Makarov, Calder Walton, and Ian E. Wilson

ISBN 1894131916 | | $ 27.95


The Peaceable Kingdom

George Whipple

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 61

The Peaceable Kingdom is George Whipple's ninth book of poetry and book No. 61 in the Penumbra Press Poetry Series. The poems explore the notion of Canada as a peaceable kingdom through our mythology, culture and environment in four sections. The book begins with a nostalgic view of Canada but expands into a more politicized view of a country doubly seduced by the seemingly divergent pull of nature on the one hand, and modernity on the other.

ISBN 1894131924 | Softcover | $ 18.95

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