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Death and Other Loves

Rowell Bowles

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 65

Elegiac and passionate, Death and Other Loves takes us from the poet's childhood in China, through family in Canada, and on into a long international life. Old loves die, new loves beckon. With literary flourish and wit, the poet finds a home in a great metropolis.

ISBN 9781897323090 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


Facing Life

Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown's astonishing debut is a testament to
the power of human resilience. With startling elegance and rare honesty, Brown recounts the abuse she suffered as a young girl at the hands of a sexual predator, the scarring and the pain she endured, and the deadly refuge she found in prescription drugs and alcohol.

The road to her recovery is long and serpentine, riddled with detours, traps, and diversions; but it is a road Brown learns to savour, to see for what it is. Looking back, she discovers a pattern of abuse, guilt, self-loathing, addiction, and co-dependence, as well as the devastating effects this pattern has on her loved ones.

Facing Life is at once a painful, searing journey of remembrance and an eyes-wide-open embrace of life and its vicissitudes. It is the story of a woman who refuses to surrender, who transforms her suffering into a life-affirming revolt against despair.

ISBN 978-1-897323-07-6 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Songs and Stories

Dane Lanken

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

"The anarchically genteel living-room musicality of these sisters has to be one of Canada's greatest contributions to world culture." So wrote New York rock critic Robert Christgau of Kate and Anna McGarrigle, whose singing and songwriting talents took them from a quiet Québec village to the top stages of New York and London.

This is the story of that remarkable adventure, told in text and in songs, in scores of pictures from family snaps to formal portraits, and in the words of leading journalists from around the world.

Includes a Kate and Anna McGarrigle songbook with complete lyrics and full musical notation to 34 favourite Kate and Anna songs.

Dane Lanken is a newspaper and magazine writer, and the author of books including Montreal Movie Palaces. He is married to Anna McGarrigle.

ISBN 1897323034 | Softcover | $ 44.95


Looking For a Turnout

Joan Finnigan

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 64

Lowbrow. Middlebrow. Highbrow. Freeing the regional from the universal. Such is the work of Joan Finnigan, which has been collected, selected, revised, and revisited in Looking For a Turnout, her first book of poems in more than a decade.

The award-winning historian of the Ottawa
Valley is easily one of the most significant, if at times neglected, figures in Canadian letters
today. Her tough-knuckled poems are no exception, ranging in material and expression as plural as the poet herself.

Like her histories, which have given rich
timbre to the Valley's muted past, Finnigan's poems echo with the voices of the living and the dead: some recovered, some remembered,and some imagined.

ISBN 9781894131995 | Softcover | $ 19.95


One-Way Ticket: The Soviet Return-to-the-Homeland Campaign, 1955-1960

Glenna Roberts & Serge Cipko

Canada-Russia Series, No. 9

The result of decades' worth of interviews and archival research, One-Way Ticket collects the stories of those who heeded the call of the Return to the Homeland Committee, a highly organized propaganda machine enticing displaced Soviet citizens and their families to return to the motherland in the 1950s and 1960s.

In this major work of Cold War-era history, Glenna Roberts and Serge Cipko throw the reality and rhetoric of the Soviet return-to-the-homeland campaign into sharp relief — from the committee's seemingly harmless early days to its sinister twilight in the 1960s.

Interviewees, many the Canadian-born children of Ukrainian and Russian emigrants, reflect on what it was like to leave Canada behind when their parents made the trip back to the Soviet Union: the shock and excitement of new surroundings, the tearful departures and reunions, and the often-stifled attempts to return to Canada.

One-Way Ticket is at once an indispensable work of archival and oral history, and a deeply affecting exploration of the complexities of citizenship, immigration, and family in the context of the Cold War.

ISBN 9781897323120 | Softcover | $ 24.95


Rockburn: The CPAC Interviews

Ken Rockburn

Culled from years of conversations with the famous, the powerful and the influential, Rockburn: The CPAC Interviews features a wide range of intriguing and fascinating people — from Sandra Oh, Matthew Good, Rick Mercer and Ian Tyson to Lewis Lapham, Hans Blix, Jane Jacobs and Tom Hayden.

This book gives you Maher Arar's first-hand account of his torture at the hands of his Syrian captors; shows you what urban visionary Jane Jacobs has in common with artist, political activist and former rock star Mendelson Joe; lets you read about cartoonist Terry Mosher's fight against the drug abuse that almost finished his career; and offers up the candid words of beloved Canadian broadcaster Peter Gzowski in one of his last interviews.

Rockburn: The CPAC Interviews is an entertaining smorgasbord of thoughts and opinions from some of the most recognizable people in the worlds of politics, culture and entertainment today.

ISBN 978-1-897323-10-6 | Softcover | Out of print


The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Joan Skelton

After a long absence, Clarissa Wheatley returns to the family cottage on the shore of Lake Superior. Beside its turbulent and enchanted waters, memories, mythology, hoodlums, and Nordri, an old Finnish woman, invoke a chain reaction in her very being. After Clarissa finally summons the courage to read her mother's journal, the pressing questions in her life begin to change.

The journal entwines the tale of a woman trying to make sense of her house-bound life with the story of a mysterious "survivor" of the Edmund Fitzgerald, a young man who jumped ship when he believed he had information to save the doomed
vessel. Encountering each other on the frozen shore of Lake Superior a few miles from where the Big Fitz sank sank, Gene, a castaway, and Clara, a runaway, make sense of their destinies.

The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald plunges its characters into the depths of the human psyche, offering profound psychological and philosophical insights against the rich backdrop of an engrossing Great Lakes tragedy.

ISBN 978-1-897323-11-3 | Softcover | $ 18.95


The Ambassador's Word: Hostage Crisis in Peru, 1996-1997

David J. Goldfield

The Ambassador's Word is a riveting impression of the 1996 hostage-taking of more than 600 people at a pre-Christmas reception at the home of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru.

The brazen siege was carried out by the Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru, a group of rebels seeking to gain the release of hundreds of political prisoners from Peruvian prisons.

David J. Goldfield's dramatic account focuses on the pivotal role played by Anthony Vincent, who was Canada's ambassador to Peru at the time of the crisis. Vincent and his wife — along with an elite cast of politicians, business tycoons, senior military officials, diplomats, and intellectuals — were among the hostages. After an early release Vincent was chosen to become one of the principal intermediaries between the government and the rebels in negotiations that went on for four agonizing months. Vincent courageously sought a peaceful resolution to the standoff, putting himself at great personal risk as he voluntarily shuttled between Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori and the Túpac Amaru.

Goldfield deftly situates the hostage crisis in the context of Peruvian politics under the rule of Fujimori, who was determined to stamp out guerrilla movements at all costs. The prevailing mood had been one of success, until the night of the siege, that is, when the group of fourteen rebels many just boys and girls in their teens — pulled off the daring and ingeniously planned operation that galvanized the attention of all of Peru and the international press for 123 days.

Crafted with insider detail and conveyed with brisk realism, The Ambassador's Word narrates the crisis from its bold beginning to its bloody and controversial conclusion, all the while offering an inspiring portrait of a Canadian who staked his life on his unbending commitment to diplomacy.

ISBN 9781897323328 | Hardcover | $ 27.95

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