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Frances Anne Hopkins: Images from Canada

Thomas Schultze

Jim Burant, introduction

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior, by the young Frances Anne Hopkins, has become a recurring symbol of the Canadian mystique, a visual shorthand for the complexities of the country's colonial and fur-trader past. But though this work and others by Hopkins have been lodged firmly in the Canadian psyche, the same cannot be said of the artist.

In 1858 twenty-year-old Frances Anne Beechey married Edward Martin Hopkins, a high-ranking official with the Hudson's Bay Company. On several occasions during the next decade she accompanied her husband on canoe tours with the voyageurs, travelling the routes of the fur trade and capturing the twilight of canoe travel with sketches, watercolours, and oils.

This book offers a much-needed look at the oeuvre of a highly gifted and unjustly neglected woman artist, bringing together all of her work with a Canadian theme that is accessible to the public at many galleries and museums, among them Library and Archives Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Glenbow Museum.

ISBN 978-1-897323-38-0 | Hardcover | $ 39.95


Fuelling Progress: One Hundred Years of the Canadian Gas Association

Tim Krywulak

Norman Hillmer, foreword

In Fuelling Progress, Tim Krywulak examines the first one hundred years of the Canadian Gas Association. Moving beyond the confines of a traditional administrative history, he situates the association within its wider economic and political context. By doing so, he provides a history not only of the CGA, but also of the gas industry and Canadian energy policy.

Over the course of the twentieth century, Canada was transformed from a rural-agrarian society to an urban-industrial one. In the process, it underwent numerous booms and busts, fought two world wars, and emerged a wealthy and independent nation. Energy services of all types played a major role in piloting Canada through these upheavals, even as the nature of those services and of society's energy needs underwent rapid changes. Throughout it all, Krywulak demonstrates how the key to the CGA's success has been its adaptability.

Seeking to forge a collective response to the emerging threat of publicly funded hydroelectric competition, a handful of Ontario-based gas manufacturers gathered in 1907 to create the Canadian Gas Association. By mid-century the CGA had evolved into a major national trade association representing both manufactured and natural gas suppliers, as well as a host of related companies in the pipeline, manufacturing, and gas-services industries. In the postwar era, the association offered vital support in building up the gas market through its appliance-testing and certification program, economic research, and promotional efforts. But as the gas industry expanded and became global in scope, the national orientation and services of the CGA were called into question. After a period of reflection and restructuring, the association re-emerged as a policy organization focusing on finding optimal energy solutions for and within Canada.

ISBN 9780978206024 | Softcover | $ 29.95


Missing the Bus, Making the Connection: Tales and Tastes of Travel

T.A. Keenleyside

Odysseus knew the value of taking the long way home, and you should, too.

In Missing the Bus, Making the Connection,
T.A. Keenleyside eschews the rose-coloured reminiscences of the tourist for the insights of the seasoned traveller, an elusive category of person in an age when cheap flights, all-inclusive vacations, and a Starbucks on every corner make it easy to leave home without really leaving at all.

Part travel memoir, part cookbook, Missing the Bus, Making the Connection is a collection of timeless stories full of humour and adventure that deal with universal travel experiences and the small, unexpected moments that are often the highlight of a trip. For Keenleyside, the voyage doesn't always turn out as planned, but the memories, and the meals, are something to savour over and over again.

ISBN 978-1-897323-97-7 | Softcover | $ 21.95


The Foundation & The Man

Walter Dawson

The reprinted pamphlet The Foundation & the Man, written by Walter Dawson (aka Don W. Thomson, former president of The Canadian Writers' Foundation), is the history of The Canadian Writers' Foundation covering the years from 1931 through 1959. A sequel is in the works to recount the years from 1960 to the present day.

ISBN 9781897323069 | Softcover | $ 9.95

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