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A Printmaker's Memoir

Jo Manning

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

Jo Manning is ideally placed to chronicle the past seventy years of printmaking in Canada. In the course of telling her personal story, she provides an absorbing account of the experience of a female student at the Ontario College of Art in the 1940s, and then of a young artist trying to find a place for herself in the art world. After an interlude in which she raised a family, she returned to active participation in the 1950s, and we follow her through the next decades as she masters many more aspects of the printmaker's craft, makes the acquaintance of an array of lively artistic personalities, becomes involved in art education, and plays an important role in many of the Canadian societies and associations that have worked to make the artistic profession viable.

ISBN 978-1-897323-13-7 | Softcover | $ 18.95


Australia and the South Pacific: Letters Home, 1965-1972

Arthur & Sheila Menzies

During Arthur Menzies' posting to Australia as Canada's High Commissioner, between 1965 and 1972, he and his wife, Sheila, sent letters home to their son and daughter, who had stayed in Canada to complete their schooling, as well as to other family members. In doing so, they created a detailed and richly varied picture of life in the diplomatic world.

Australia was a relatively unknown quantity to both Arthur and Sheila, although Arthur had always felt at home in Asia and the Pacific, having been born in China, schooled there and in Japan, having worked for twenty-five years in the Department of External Affairs, where he had been posted to Japan, Malaysia, and Burma, and having dealt with Far Eastern concerns when at home in Ottawa.

The Menzies soon felt at home in Australia, quickly becoming familiar with their home base in Canberra, and in Sydney, Melbourne, and much of the rest of the vast continent. They also visited Fiji, where Arthur was appointed High Commissioner after its independence in 1970; Nauru, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, and Solomon Islands; and Papua New Guinea. As a result of Arthur's efforts, Canada made substantial contributions to their development as they moved toward independence.

Although Arthur was the designated official in the family, Sheila found that there was much that she could contribute to the work of representing her home country, not only as the organizer and hostess of a great many official events at the High Commission, but as a speaker, and as an active member of a number of Australian women's organizations.

Many of the letters tell of visits by officials from Canada, including past, present, and future prime ministers Pearson, Turner, Trudeau, and Chrétien, and of visits to Canberra by many eminent figures from other parts of the world: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Queen Mother, Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Ghandi, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and New Zealand Prime Minister John Marshall.

But the central fascination of the letters are the behind-the-scenes glimpses of diplomatic life, with its countless meetings, briefings, ceremonies, lunches and dinners, speeches, and openings of exhibits and performances.

In recognition of Sheila Menzies' role as co-author of this memoir, Arthur Menzies dedicates this book to the spouses and partners of Foreign Service Officers. Their contribution is often undervalued.

ISBN 978-1-897323-92-2 | Hardcover | $ 34.95


From Putin to Medvedev: Continuity or Change?

Larry Black & Michael Johns, eds.

Canada-Russia Series, No. 10

In march 2008, Dmitry Medvedev was elected president of Russia. Only the third person to hold that office since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, he follows Boris Yeltsin, 1991-1999, and Vladimir Putin, 2000-2008. Just as Putin was hand-picked by Yeltsin to hold that post, Medvedev was chosen by Putin. In turn, Medvedev named Putin prime minister. For that reason, many observers believe that this "tandem" form of government is one still dominated by Putin. But is it?

These thirteen essays, almost all of which are written by Canadian and Russian scholars, attempt to put the succession in context, and also describe and evaluate today's Russia, a country in a state of major transition.

It includes studies on domestic issues, such as Russian politics, its legal system, its social system, the centre and the regions, and corruption; in foreign relations, there are pieces on Russia as a locus of world influence, Russia and the West, the European Union, China, the Muslim world, and India. Certain characteristics of the Russian economy, and Russia's place in the international economy, are featured as well.

ISBN 978-1-897323-00-7 | Softcover | $ 27.95


La Voie Maritime du Saint-Laurent: Cinquante ans et l'avenir à nos portes

D'Arcy Jenish

Michel Gaulin, traducteur

L'ouverture de la Voie maritime du Saint-Laurent, au printemps de 1959, constituait une occasion mémorable. Ce réseau d'écluses, de canaux, de chenaux de navigation et de ponts répartis entre Montréal et la ville riveraine d'Iroquois, à 150 kilomètres à l'ouest, en Ontario, se classe parmi les travaux publics les plus importants jamais réalisés au Canada, comme les plus imposants de l'après-guerre.

Construite en quatre ans, au coût de 475 millions de dollars, la Voie maritime devait transformer complètement l'industrie du transport maritime au Canada. Elle permettait à des navires de haute mer de pénétrer à 3 680 kilomètres à l'intérieur des terres, soit jusqu'au coeur du pays. Ces bâtiments pouvaient désormais naviguer depuis le golfe du Saint-Laurent jusqu'au lac Ontario, transiter par le canal Welland, déjà existant, reliant les lacs Ontario et Érié, puis, de là, se rendre jusqu'à Thunder Bay, Duluth, Green Bay, Chicago et autres ports situés sur la partie supérieure des Grands Lacs. Les sept écluses de la voie navigable et les huit autres du canal Welland sont en mesure de soulever des bâtiments longs de 740 pieds depuis le niveau de la mer à une élévation de 182 mètres sur le lac Supérieur, soit celle d'un immeuble de soixante étages.

Lors de l'inauguration de la Voie maritime le 26 juin 1959, Sa Majesté la Reine la qualifia d'« une des réalisations d'ingénierie les plus remarquables des temps modernes », tandis que le président des États-Unis, Dwight Eisenhower, disait y voir « un symbole splendide des réussites possibles pour les nations démocratiques qui oeuvrent de concert, dans la paix, au bien commun. »

La Voie maritime célèbre en 2009 son cinquantième anniversaire et toutes les mesures de comparaison permettent de croire qu'il s'agit d'un demi-siècle mémorable.

« Nous nous réjouissons parce que la Voie maritime s'est révélée un succès considérable », déclare Richard Corfe, président de la Corporation de Gestion de la Voie Maritime du Saint-Laurent. « Ce réseau est l'un des plus fiables et des plus sécuritaires au monde. »

ISBN 978-1-897323-85-4 | Hardcover | Out of print


On The Edge of Discovery: Contemporary Paintings in a Personal Context

Blair Thomas Paul

Alan King (Foreword); Melville McLean (Reaction); Bill Young, Michael Bowie, Jonathan Clouter (Photography)

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

On the Edge of Discovery is a book about contemporary artist Blair Thomas Paul, whose unique style and talent has been appreciated and reviewed by many expert authorities in the art world. Part 1 of the book was written by the artist himself. It offers personal details about his life as an artist and professor of a fine art program, as well as many interesting bits about his work and the thought process behind it. In Part 2 Melville McLean of Maine, U.S.A., provides an insightful commentary on the works of Blair Paul, works that have evolved into several masterful and varied series over the years. Images of Blair's paintings from each series are beautifully presented at Part 3. Finally, there are many references to people and places throughout the book, all of which will resonate with readers from across the country and abroad.

ISBN 978-1-897323-144 | Softcover | $ 24.95


The Colour of Memory

George Whipple

Penumbra Press Poetry Series, No. 66

new and authorized versions of some previously published poems by the author.

ISBN 9781897323014 | Softcover | $ 18.95


The St. Lawrence Seaway: Fifty Years and Counting

D'Arcy Jenish

The opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the spring of 1959 was a momentous occasion. This system of locks, canals, shipping channels, and bridges between Montreal and the Ontario riverside town of Iroquois, 150 kilometres to the west, ranks as one of greatest public works in Canadian history and one of the largest construction projects in the postwar era.

Built in four years at a cost of $475 million, the seaway completely transformed the marine-transportation industry in Canada. It allowed ocean-going vessels to sail 3,680 kilometres inland, or halfway across the country. They could travel from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Lake Ontario, through the previously constructed Welland Canal that links lakes Ontario and Erie and, from there, all the way to Thunder Bay, Duluth, Green Bay, Chicago, and other ports of the upper Great Lakes. The seven locks of the seaway and the eight of the Welland Canal are capable of lifting 740-foot-long ships from sea level to an elevation of 182 metres on Lake Superior, the equivalent of sixty storeys.

When the seaway opened, on April 25, 1959, the Queen called it "one of the outstanding engineering accomplishments of modern times," while US President Dwight Eisenhower declared it "a magnificent symbol to the entire world of the achievements possible to democratic nations peacefully working together for the common good."

The seaway celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2009 and, by any yardstick, it is a half-century worthy of observation.

"We're celebrating because the seaway has been an enormous success," says Richard Corfe, president of the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. "It is one of the safest and most reliable waterways in the world."

ISBN 978-1-897323-75-5 | Hardcover | Out of print


Transcending the Legacy

Nancy Brown

In Transcending the Legacy Nancy Brown continues the impassioned and eloquent search for self-understanding that she began in her memoir Facing Life. Her subject is once again the life-long effects of the sexual abuse that she suffered as a very young child, the decades of addictive behaviour that nearly destroyed her, and the recovery process that has been the central project of her life in recent years. Her impulse is again autobiographical, but instead of a chronological narrative we are given incident-based meditations in which she analyzes the strategies, many of them futile and counterproductive, but the most recent of them hearteningly effective, by which her cruelly damaged self has struggled to find a way to live.

ISBN 978-1-897323-08-3 | Softcover | Out of print



Truda Rosenberg

It took a very long time to decide on writing a history, albeit of my own experiences during the Shoah. I do not consider myself a writer, and prefer to state that I am a storyteller.

The few stories presented in this work are authentic episodes that hopefully describe essential instances I experienced as one of many of my people. It is important to stress that at no time did I or do I label my experiences as unique. Their existence is a fact and is presented here as an eyewitness account, a variant picture, which many of us encountered on a daily basis. Some of us were able to deal with the enemy's inhumane need to destroy us; many succumbed and lost the battle; others emerged as victors; still others are making an effort to live in spite of their tragedies. I was able to escape incarceration in a concentration camp with its brutal attack on human dignity and bodily endurance in the face of nourishment deprivations and illness, which would have contributed to an inability or lack of willpower to fight.
During the Shoah, I was living under three consecutive identities. When asked to what I attribute my survival, I answer without hesitation: "I knew who I was." This kept me fighting for life and survival as a human being with the celebration of life that I was taught, with a love of people and a love of life. This, to me, is survival.

ISBN 978-1-897323-37-3 | Hardcover | $ 29.95


Win, Tie, or Wrangle: The Inside Story of the Old Ottawa Senators

Paul Kitchen

Preface by Brian McFarlane
Foreword by Eugene Melnyk

Archives of Canadian Arts, Culture, and Heritage

"Paul Kitchen takes us back to an era that has always piqued the curiosity of hockey fans: an era when competing teams changed ends after every goal; when an early-day outdoor rink on the river might stretch for 400 feet; when dressing rooms were heated by coal-burning, pot-belly stoves, the coal supplied by the players themselves; when a player's spring skate might fly off his foot in the middle of a rush, sending him cart-wheeling to the ice; when he might be forced to stickhandle around an ice statue located in the middle of the rink...." — Brian Mcfarlane, from the preface

Entertaining and informative, Win, Tie, or Wrangle is the one and only definitive history of the original Ottawa Senators. Drawing on previously unexposed diaries, memoirs, hockey-club business records, and government files, Paul Kitchen tells the story of the capital's first hockey team from its birth in 1883 to its demise as the St. Louis Eagles in 1935.

The result is a richly detailed social history that fleshes out the players, the owners, and the fans of a team that captivated the public's attention and helped establish hockey as Canada's signal winter passion.

From boardroom wrangling to the Senators' on-ice exploits, from the challenges of the Great War and the Depression to the birth of professionalism and National Hockey League expansion, Kitchen sets the record straight in a volume that will appeal to history and hockey lovers alike.

ISBN 9781897323465 | Hardcover | $ 39.95

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