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Happy in this Oblivion


Nominated for two PEI Music Awards: Female Vocalist of the Year, and Pop Recording of the Year.

ISBN 8-30159-00958-2 | CD | $ 17.95


Kyass: Cree Legends of Pelican Narrows

Adam Ballantyne

Transcribed and edited by Prentice G. Downes; Woodcuts by Annie Downes Catterson

First Nations, No. 4

ISBN 9781897323199 | Softcover | $ 9.95


Red Poems

Rowell Bowles

Penumbra Press Poetry Series

Red Poems ... musings that capture the fancies and fantasies of an aging poet's everyday reality. Frank and fearless, witty and wise, Rowell Bowles looks as far into the future as into his past, and discovers answers to mysteries he has always known. Brief and succinct, the poems encapsulate profound thoughts and simple emotions that leave the reader simultaneously pondering and laughing, mesmerized and disbelieving. Only at the end, when the spell is broken, do we realize the enormity of life's promise.

Rowell Bowles was born in Chengdu, China, where he lived until his family returned to Canada during the missionary exodus of 1926. He began his studies at Victoria College, University of Toronto, and went on to attend Johns Hopkins University. For more than fifty years Bowles has been a spirited voice at the United Nations, holding various senior positions, including worldwide director of program policy for Unicef. A recipient of the Order of Canada, he is the author of The Diplomacy of Hope, a critical history of the United Nations, and Death and Other Loves, a previous volume of poetry published by Penumbra Press.

Receive 50% off any Poetry series title with your purchase of Red Poems.
*Limited editions not included.*

ISBN 9781897323182 | Softcover | $ 9.95

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