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Do I Have To Go To Sleep?

Carole Giangrande

J.O. Pennanen

Bear doesn't want to go to sleep. He wants to play outside with the snowflakes, the winter moon and a shooting star. When Mama tells him that all bears sleep in winter, he follows her into the den, but he's afraid of the dark. Mama tells him to snuggle up, to imagine the snowflake, the moon and the star. Suddenly he can see them all over again.
Then she tells him to imagine how beautiful spring will be when he wakes up. He imagines a beautiful world as he and his mama fall asleep.

ISBN 978-1-897323-39-7 | Softcover | $ 9.95


Fire on the Sea: S.S. Patches, Down North to Labrador

Thomas C. Cummings

Bryan S. Osborne (Editor)
Mary B. Campeau (Editor)

Fire on the Sea is set in the North Atlantic during the Second World War. Drawing on his own wartime experience in the RCAF in Goose Bay, Labrador, Tom Cummings adopted a fictive imaginative style that comes through in
his communication of personal relations among characters, exploration of the enemy mind-set, and depiction of the drama of war at sea. It is the spring of 1943 when Shawn Caley and Paul Coquitts find themselves assigned to Combined Air-Sea Operations for the purpose of escorting an aviation fuel tanker, S.S. Patches, to aid in the battle in Europe. From pugnacious protagonists at their first encounter, they become close colleagues with shared roles in the ensuing conflict and evolving emotional sub-plot.

ISBN 978-1-897323-41-0 | Softcover | $ 12.95


How Suraj Became Famous: Adventures of a Young Elephant

Jeremy Wailes

Marga Patterson

Suraj is the main character in all four adventurous stories about wanting to become famous. He relates to children by sharing experiences similar to theirs: overcoming loneliness, surmounting disappointment or loss, using intuition, collaborating with others to solve a problem or to follow their dreams. Each story contains drama, excitement, and the meaning of enduring friendship (albeit between a South American parrot and an Indian elephant). The stories will delight adult readers as well as children who can read and those who enjoy being read to. Some events reflect the author's own life experience, such as piloting helicopters and taking part in a search mission. Lavish illustrations augment the stories, playfully inviting the reader into following the storyline on another wondrous level.

ISBN 978-1-897323-40-3 | Softcover | $ 9.95

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